Long Weekend…

Keeping ourselves and our fermentation projects warm by the wood stove while the snow and ice rage on outside.

Lacto-fermented garlic ketchup, sourdough rising in the bucket and 3/4 gallon of yogurt…um, yogurting in the cooler. Ginger carrots and basic sauerkraut are on the list for the rest of the week.

Much of our illness-and-weather-induced long weekend involved pouring over seed and tree catalogs and discussing fowl and milking goat plans. We’ll definitely have to weed some things out of the seed list, but we did decide on our starter fruit trees:

Frostbite Apple (“those who like it really like chocolate” from the Fedco catalog or, from this article it’s like “raw sugarcane on steroids”)

Keepsake Apple…I think the name says it all…will store well until June or July!

Ribston Pippin Apple (ugly but “firm, crisp, very juicy, aromatic and sprightly”)

Montmorency Pie Cherry…hands-down my favorite stone fruit is the pie cherry. ♥♥♥ forever.

…and in the animal realm, to focus on chickens, geese and nubian goats.

There are sugaring plans to the tune of 50 buckets if we can get our hands on them. All these lovely dreams of sap running, seeds sprouting and trees budding while our little world is crusted with ice. Springtime is glowing deep within, and the thoughts of what we’ll fill it with keep me warm from the inside out.

Here’s another one of those warming thoughts: RobynRobynRobyn

At Mass MoCA! Pitter-pat, my heart goes.

Three more things before I let sleep take me:

  1. Gather Here (and make something) is opening in Cambridge, MA in Febraury 2011. They are:”a fabric, yarn, and fibers store offering classes, an inspirational work space, and knowledgeable instructors. We aim to provide a creative, fun, inspiring environment for the maker in everyone. We are Cambridge’s first stitch lounge with machines, supplies, tables and most importantly, space, for the maker to create.” Spun Monkey yarns will be there, and I’m sure I’ll schedule a felting workshop sometime this summer or fall. Anyway, check them out!
  2. I have a project up on Kickstarter. I’m ready to get my Lab and Lounge on…and need support! There are lots of fiber-y prizes for backers, so if you’re so inclined, this would be a great opportunity to get in on a yarn or fiber club subscription or some such or, if you’re local, your choice of workshops and lessons that will be offered in the space. Check out my page here: The Spun Monkey Dyeworks Lab and Lounge.
  3. There has been a shop update! Several items on sale and a few new yarns. Click the yarn picture below to get there!

Rainbow Bliss