Post-Yoga Post

I’m back in the routine, and it feels wonderful.

Regular yoga practice was one of the last vestiges of my other life to fade away after I met and married C. Rock climbing, hundred-mile bike rides and my certification as a fitness instructor all evaporated in the bubbling steam of novelty that was my new adventure in love. I held onto yoga for a long time, until a heart-breaking miscarriage led me to drop out of the prenatal classes I’d switched to. I never went back.

Although it’s been about eight years since I touched granite with the intent to climb it, I have made several attempts to bring regular yoga practice back into my life. A slew of major life changes interrupted me, of course…a successful, albeit mostly horizontal, pregnancy; the subsequent and continuing motherhood, more than one cross-country move and many of shorter distance…it is no wonder, I suppose, that taking care of my own physical body fell by the wayside.

When we came back from the farm in early December, I committed myself to creating some discipline in the early morning hours. There are no set days, but I have managed to make it happen three days per week, continuously, for more than two months. It is now officially routine and I intend to bring more rewarding activities back into routine practice, because I have not felt this good in a very long time.

So, to bring some no-pressure knitting routine back into play, I’ve left this group and I’m starting a MeKniSweMoDo…does that make sense?  There are no rules. I’ll finish twelve sweaters within the year, but not necessarily on a monthly basis. Also, I may just be finishing some of them rather than starting all of them, as I have too many WIPs to unburden myself from. Oh, and no way are they all going to be adult-sized. The real goal here is to find a knit night and get out more. Nothing would be more motivating than that.

I have somehow managed to make time for a wee project in between all of the other what-not. Last week, the Boy finally admitted to growing out of his slippers. Happening upon this pattern (here is a non-Ravelry link to flint knits blog), I said, “How about some elf shoes?” Half-expecting to be shot down, I was pleasantly surprised when my query was met with a list of acceptable colors and a declaration of NO STRIPES. Sure thing, my Boy.

This pattern is easy to follow and the slippers are a delightfully quick knit, very satisfying.

In fact, I finished them last night, shortly after taking the photos. They are gigantic and ready for their ride in the wash. Hopefully, I will not forget to check on them. You only need say the word “felt” around a skein of Malabrigo and it will become a solid wad. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this sweater, although only worn half a dozen times, looks about a hundred years old now. I plan to knit another version with some airy, long-draw handspun, plied and much less pill-ish.

Nuno update this weekend. Shooting pics for a book submission (Thank you for the link, Celeste! And Heather, wish you were here to make me beautiful!).

Parkday is at an ice rink today. Anticipating needing to lay on my stomach with an ice pack on my butt later.