Ice Cream is Love…

…especially if you know some cows. I will never eat store-bought again (um…don’t quote me on this later). After much churning in the ol’ handcrank, we turned fresh raw cream from our local organic dairy farm into the most delicious treat, laden with fat, protein, and love, love, love. Vanilla bean, baby. So delicious, but it looks disgusting when photographed with a flash. You all know what ice cream looks like, anyway.
‘Tis the season! Well, it was yesterday,…today it’s raining zebras and grand pianos, BUT I’m still going to eat more ice cream.


, here’s the second installment for your swap package. I had a sick-o kid this weekend, and so didn’t have an opportunity to spin it up until this morning…hopefully it won’t take too long to dry in this damp, cool weather.
It’s called GiggleWorm, full of uncarded mohair and llama, with stripes of black tencel and blobs of pink recycled sari silk, and then plied all silly-like with an olive embroidery thread:

And closer:

I was inspired by this week’s

 challenge: manic. Wiggly and giggly with mania, she is.
HaPpy MondAy, aLL! (*giggle*)


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