bubble and fluff…

some recent play…

This is Bubble Pixie. She is 118 yards of soft-and-loveliness. Luscious cotswold handpainted in muted rainbow colors, then handcarded with white for the main body of the yarn. Another batt was made with just the muted rainbow, and these sections are coiled up into long worms throughout the wiggly-plied yarn. I heart her and want to keep her, but she’ll be posted on my Etsy along with some handcarded batts:

Woodlands and Daisy Morning
There are 2 of the Woodlands (to be sold together) and lots of the Daisy Morning (2.4 oz. each, sold separately or all together for a discount), although I am only listing 3. I plan to spin the other 4 into an artsy 2-ply and matching single…unless someone requests more batts. All the batts are carded twice or more for consistency and ease of spinning.

Today, I am a mad carding fool (again), prepping another large batch of gorgeousness (some of this is for you,

!) and hopefully will get pics done and listing up tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!


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