Meme and Dream…Not Necessarily in That Order

I woke from this dream this morning:

At the neighbor’s house across the street from our old place…it’s not clear what I need, but there is something important I need to ask her. I knock several times but she doesn’t open the door…I can hear her bustling about inside, and since we’re on friendly terms I go ahead and let myself in. The first thing I see in the front room is a GIGANTIC pile of sand, and it’s the really good sculpting sort of sand with the perfect amount of moisture in for holding shape. I see neighbor lady as this sort of blur in my peripheral vision…she is really serious about this bustling about business, and does not immediately acknowledge my presence. It’s okay, though, I am so enchanted by the sand! I begin forming a turtle, about three or four times the size of me, and when I’m putting the finishing touches on it, I hear someone come through the front door. It’s neighbor-lady’s secretary! Oh, good, maybe now I can get through to her. But, the Sarah Jessica Parker-esque secretary shakes her long blonde locks and begins to enthusiastically describe her surprise dinner plans for neighbor lady…she has a wooden box full of individually wrapped baguettes…and there will be sardines! I cannot get through to her at all…she’s just over the moon about the sardines and it’s like I don’t even exist. She squeezes herself through the kitchen door and is careful to keep me shut out…I am left to contemplate my giant sand turtle while neighbor lady continues to bustle.


On to the Memery:

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

1. More rose tea with honey and milk.
2. Sand between my toes.
3. National Parks pass.
4. Close proximity (well, a helluva lot closer than now) to Yosemite National Park (see above).
5. Updating my climbing gear (see above).
6. Bicycling!
7. Year-round farming.
8. Camping trip to Maine in a few weeks.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Made felt! 
2. Walked the 3-mile round trip to the post office and back. Uphill both ways.
3. Learned how to make a french knot. Cute!
4. Daydreamed about the smell of redwood trees.
5. Researched the upcoming train trip – expensive!
6. Worried about a lot of things.
7. Got excited about a lot of things.
8. Wrapped up an order like a lovely little present.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Walk on my hands.
2. Play piano.
3. Stay in Vermont.
4. Be patient.
5. Sew.
6. Dance (or at least not be self-conscious about it).
7. Buy a Westfalia (one that works).
8. Stop worrying.


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