Almost as Quickly as it Came…

20 or so inches of it…

…it fades away.

This past summer I realized just how much I need this place. I wake up every morning to a world transformed, be it by a blizzard, a thaw, a trick of the mid-winter light, a thousand icicles on a warm morning and the next they are gone…I am reminded always of impermanence, our ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, the thrilling need to be keenly aware…back home it was so easy to slip into complacency and a routine that made me feel like I was dragging, dragging…and missing something.

I ended 2010 with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. We are where we belong…among friends, among maple trees, among rabbit tracks in the snow. We have a full freezer, a full woodshed, warm clothes and a cat who catches mice. We’ve certainly had some challenges and deeply stressful moments since we arrived, but when we stop to take inventory, all we can feel is thankful.

I will leave “won’t”s out of my goals for 2011. There simply isn’t room enough for the clutter of what I shouldn’t be doing. If I focus on what I really want to create, then the other junk will fall away. Such is my theory, anyway, and I plan to test it. And so:

I will *be realistic with my time when making commitments*make lists because I’m going to do the things on my lists, not just because I like to make lists*write more letters*call my grandfather every week*create more projects for The Boy and I to work on together*spend less time in front of this screen*spend more time with my partner*cultivate patience with myself and others*give, give, give*seize opportunities to do something alone*seize opportunities to do something together*be okay with however long it takes me to get the studio up and running*ask for help when I need it*plan ahead*explore alternatives to gluten that are less refined, like sprouting and grinding my own flours*become a member of a museum*organize a neighborhood craft night*make make make*read read read*enjoy afternoon tea with The Boy*allow my heart to grow*learn some new tricks*join the women’s chorus*make snow angels*register for a class at the circus school*slow down*

I could go on and on, but probably just because I like to make lists.

The Boy likes to make bunnies.

They cover the walls…bunnies, bunnies, bunnies. The living, breathing bunnies are coming soon, so perhaps The Boy is mentally preparing for it. Two gigantic, ridiculously soft french angoras. I hope they sit on the kitten so he’ll stop pulling things off the drying rack and spilling his water.

So, we’ll kick it off with a smile. Well, that’s what he gives me when I ask for one, anyway.

2010 began with heartbreak and sadness for me, with the loss of a loved one, the feeling of loss that comes of longing for a sense of home, for a place to spread our wings, our feet so heavy with trudging…and so we ended the year coming full circle, preparing to set down some roots and grounding ourselves for the continuation of our journey.

So, goodbye 2010…it was nice to know you, but I’m glad we’re moving on. 2011 holds a lot of promise and I’m looking forward to what this brand-spanking new year will bring. I have more spring in a lighter step and a lot of buoying hope.

TSM has started off right with a few shop updates, btw…go play.


Happy New Year, all…better late than never, eh? Notice I did not add that I will be more punctual because that would only be setting myself up. I’m a late-bird in so many ways, it would be darn-near impossible to change that now.



3 thoughts on “Almost as Quickly as it Came…

  1. Munchy, you write so well and so heartfelt. My insides are so full of pride reading how you’re feeling now. It thrills me no end that you are finally happy and looking forward to whatever life brings with enthusiasm and joy. It’s just what we wanted for you. Lots of love, Arlene

  2. i love your list! and that yarn is downright scrumptious. so wintry. i’ve got a half finished email to you in my draft box. i need to communicate better this year. how i wish we had met up while you were living so (relatively) close! happy new year! (it’s never too late for well wishes.)

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