Forward March

It comes to a point where there is just not much more you can do…you say goodbye in all the ways you know how and then you try to fill the hole, to answer all the existential questions, to weave this new thread into the fabric of your life and then…go on. Life is rich and life is sweet and if I must, I will place notices all over my world to remind myself that I will only be nourished if I take a big ol’ bite out of it every day.

Thank you, Gavin.

So much to move through, and now I am drawn back to this space. I sense there will be a shift here, perhaps not noticeable to anyone else, but I feel very open and vulnerable and this has brought me quite a flow of creative project ideas and the desire to share without fear.

March, I am so glad you are here. So far, you are a calm respite from the wild ride that was the entire month of February. Ups and downs, joy and heartache and all to the extreme of what I could take. March, though…you give me hope. I can feel winter releasing its grip and there is so much to look forward to. The studio, some secret things, seeds sown in trays, songs in the treetops…

In the meantime, keeping up with the ferments…

…last week was pineapple vinegar, made from the skin and core of a pineapple I bought for the bunnies. Well, we shared it. A little oregano, red pepper flakes and whey…I added it to my cortido (Latin American sauerkraut) when I jarred it up the other day.

A very special treat sent from back home provided me with the opportunity to try something new…a pile of beautiful meyer lemons from my in-laws tree. They arrived in perfect condition.

I preserved five of them in a quart jar with a helluva lot of salt, bay leaf and cardamom pods. If I had known how amazing it would be to cook with preserved lemon (some of this has already found its way into a Moroccan stew), I would have done this to all of them. Not that I regret the lemon meringue pie that happened to the rest.

In shop news, I will be vending at the Twist Fair in Northampton, MA on May 6th and 7th, am working on a mountain of yarn for Purl Jam in Califon, NJ and have sent a heap of mitt kits to Gather Here in Cambridge, MA for their Monkey Mitt knitting class tomorrow night!


night all.


3 thoughts on “Forward March

  1. beautifully phrased. and oh my goodness — pineapple vinegar? and meyer lemons? if those aren’t examples of how to be good to yourself, i don’t know what is!

  2. “secret things, seeds sown in trays, songs in the treetops”
    Indeed you have begun, or i should say resumed, taking big juicy bites out of every day. (also exemplified by the pineapple concoctions, stews and pies. Yum!)

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