Forty-Five: 52


the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes every week (okay, squeeze singular, again)

O, this week you…

…spent hours and hours pouring through the pages of the Reader’s Digest North American Wildlife book circa 1982. C used to spend hours doing the same.

…were so excited about your homework for the week that you sat down and finished it all in one night. I don’t think I was ever that excited about homework. Then again, I don’t think I was ever tasked with making a word search for my classmates out of my spelling words. That one did look fun.

…spent a lot of time as a robot. This week, warrior mouse is out and robot is in. You made a costume from cardboard scraps, two pairs of goggles (one on top of the other) and a controller from a broken remote control car. This is not your first cardboard robot costume…I wonder if you remember the one with dryer-vent arms.

…proved me wrong several times. You have your senses turned on, yo.


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