Three: 52





the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeeze(s) every week.


O, this week you…

…left little bits of yourself in random places. You always do that, but for some reason, this week, it was extra comforting.

…thought Fluxx was magical when we each, in turn, won a game.

…were so into your library books that you wouldn’t set the table, put your pajamas on, or come up to bed without lots of asking and reminders and several degrees of frustration on both sides. I LOVE that you love books and I, too, wish I could sink into them and let the rest of the world slip away from my consciousness for long stretches of time…but, alas. There is always something to drag us back to reality eventually. Time for you to discover the joy of reading books by flashlight under the bedclothes when we think you’ve gone to sleep!


C, this week you…

…finally got to spend a day baking. I really love to watch you knead.



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