*tap, tap*


Hum, well, there has been radio silence here while much moves through behind the scenes. This has come up before, several times, but I’ve never quite let go. It’s well past time to move on from The Spun Monkey. This home has served me well, but in order to be more true to what is happening in my life on the daily, a new home needed to be found.


I haven’t quite moved in yet, but piece-by-piece, I’m getting there. It already feels like a place I can move about in more freely, and you’ll find more there on the topics of homesteading, honoring the seasons in food and feasting, recipes, tutorials, VT life, and more. Fiber and crafting is still a huge part of my life, but my focus now is on building the Woodland Kitchen and the Lettered Rabbit (more on those projects soon, if you want to follow me over to the new digs).

I appreciate you all so very much, and hope you’ll join me over at Woodland Temple!


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