oh, let me count the ways…

…how i do love the USPS. for the last two weeks i’ve been bludgeoned with bills on a daily basis, and today, oh today…ALL IS FORGIVEN.

not only were there NO bills in the mailbox, but my doorstep was littered with packages and boxes from recent swaps, fiber orders, etc.

, you spoiled me! and it’s all beautiful, especially that hot, hot yarn.

, everything is lovely and fabulous and YOU spoiled me, too! Rotten, rotten.
mom, you rock my socks…thanks so much for the Moo cards! will be sending you some to pass around…
i also did a swappity with brennxOr that somehow didn’t make it into the picture, and hot damn, it’s wonderful, too.
i may divorce and start a harem, because i’m in love with all of you (well, except for you, mom, because, well…you understand).
i feel…blessed. and satisfied. and like i really wish i had a babysitter or family in town, because i want to dive into the fibery love and play.
in other news, man got job. we will not starve. phew!

and, AND i applied to the SF Bazaar Bizarre, which would coincide perfectly with a visit home to the West for the holidays. wish me luck!

oh, oh, AND, my yarn is hanging in the Handspun Fix gallery and the No Wool gallery a the Yarn Museum.

one more thing:

left: Spiced Crab Apples
right: Peaches in honey
local, organic, and sealed for the winter. it’s official…I’M A SQUIRREL!!!


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