a new reason to love the snow…


our snowy backyard was like a giant, perfect lightbox today!

some new things up in the shoppe:

For the Love of Scrap
…a little bit of everything from my pile o’ scraps!

and a new kit!:

We Came To An Enchanted Place
…spun from amazingly scrumptious ‘confetti’ roving by Frene Creek Farm.

So, put together all the ingredients for the ‘Nora’ yarn…really, really excited about this one. I almost want to watch PUtheV again before I send it back to Netflix land, because it was so damn good, but then I’ll never get to actually spinning the yarn (I don’t enjoy spinning in the dark, and I cannot watch films with the light on. Just can’t). Let’s just say, E., that I think I’ve got that sweater down with some perfect ingredients, oh yes, and a few little surprises for you, as well. Will harness naptime to spin it up tomorrow.

Must sleep.
ps: Individual closures and buttons were also photographed and will be listed on the site in the next day or two.


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