I’m takin’ my time, but I don’t know where…

Since this:

is my view from the kitchen window, I haven’t really felt like a new year has begun. I still feel like hibernating, huddled up in a blankie by the wood stove, sipping hot cocoa and plunking away on my first sweater (am finally working on the first arm. Body is complete but needs more length if there’s yarn left).

So, naturally, I’ve shifted my calendar to reflect the reality of my environment…the 1st day of Spring is my new New Year. It’s a couple weeks away yet, but I can feel the shift…this snow may linger for some time, but the weather is adopting that oh-s0-spring-like unpredictability…rain, sleet, slush, snow, rain, sun, sleet and a helluva lot of ice.

Anyway, the weather-shift is definitely stimulating an attitude-shift. It’s lighting a fire under my creative arse, and ideas are flowing fast and furious. I’ll make myself crazy if I try to make something of every single one of them, so I’ve been biding my time and not forcing anything. The ones that need to stick will stick, and I will promptly get to work. For now, I’m an observer and just trying to make sense of the projects I already have going and sorting out what is worth finishing/hanging onto and what I can let go of. My mental studio space is ready for a Spring overhaul.

That said, I updated the Shoppe with some fabulous glass knitting needles by Kim of Infiknitty and a few handspun-compatible patterns from French Girl Knits.
These were snatched up before I could blink, but how freaking cute are these??!?:

Methinks there should be more wee mice on cheese in the Shoppe. I just want to eat them.

I will be posting yarns on Thursday and Sunday this week, so check back. I’m trying to decide on a regular day of the week to post, as it will force me to be more disciplined about shop updates. Sunday will likely have some felt, also.

In non-fiber-related craftiness, the kiddo and I are working on some projects:

Cute-as-buttons Peter Rabbit fabric cut into heart shapes, on its way to becoming a sweet mobile, handsewn and stuffed with wool. The progeny is helping me with the stuffing part.


Eggs! Even with five thousand feet of snow on the ground, our chickens decided that Spring has already sprung. This gives me hope and I wish they’d let me kiss them. Whenever we use a white egg, I’m blowing it out instead of cracking it, so’s we can dye empty eggs for Ostara/Equinox. Red cabbage water is my favorite natural dye, as it yields a gorgeous robin’s-egg blue.

I promise next post will be laden with yarn porn. I was naughty and didn’t take pics of the raffle yarn or custom orders. I’ve also been messing about with all the new tricks I learned whilst playing with Jacey the other weekend, and making lots of little skeins for my Endless Blanket Project.

Sleepy. Migraine a-comin’. Need cocoa. I know I shouldn’t, but I don’t care.
night night!


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