*C’s out there right now…camping out at the place we’re likely moving to in less than two months time. Want desperately to know what’s going on, his thoughts, what it looks like feels like smells like…anything. No cell service so am in the dark. Boo x 10, I’m feeling anxious.

*This is my first night alone in this house. The housemates left (also for California coincidentally), and now I am in charge of my boy, a giant nipping draft horse, three crazy voyeuristic sheep (they are endlessly watching the windows of the house from the pasture), three goats (including one master escapee), two dogs that need to be pilled (one of which has taken to leaving diarrhea on the floor) and two awesome cats (who require very little from me). Oh, and about fifteen chickens and one asshole rooster who bruised my calf the other day.

*Am looking forward to when the roads are no longer the consistency of cake batter. Seems I will be neighborhood-bound for the next few days as even the all-wheel-drive Subaru is no match for the deep, gooey ruts from our driveway to the main road. Had to park it a mile and some away at the town center.

*At least for a couple of days the SNOW and frigid cold will harden up that cake batter I mentioned, making a more pleasant walk to the car if I desperately need it, but it’s a long walk for a four-year-old. And snow? Come ON. There’s even talk of accumulation.

*Will need to rent a car to make the 3 and a 1/2 hour drive to pick up C from the airport on Saturday. I’m out a wheel bearing and strut. See that part about cake batter.

*Wind is wild and whipping about. I’m surprisingly non-plussed by this whole situation. Just getting sleepy…finally.


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