Five (or Six) Senses Friday

Friday was good to me.

I snuck into the pea patch in the middle of supper and this is what the peas could see:

Although it was muggy today, the rain stayed away and we enjoyed dinner out by the garden. It was peaceful and grounding. Early Summer Weather and I are friends sometimes.

Onto the ritual. Please do join in on this weekly reflection, if you wish, and leave a comment or link.

Hearing: The bellowing of cows at Briones. They were especially talkative today.

Smelling: The sweet scent of horse chestnut flowers in bloom.

Seeing: Sailboats on the Bay.

Tasting: The bounty of our little garden. Tonight’s salad included homegrown greens, purple carrots, peas and oranges. Hands-down best salad ever.

Touching: Everything with my bare feet.

Feeling: Relaxed, mostly, but with a touch of anxiety. The latter is such a nag.

There is more to share about our hiking adventures, but I’m feeling more sleepy than wordy.

I will leave you with some hiking tips from The Boy…

Dance often, and always bring a highlighter.


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