Thirty-What?: 52



 the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes (okay, just one of them this week), every week (yeah, yeah…try, try again. Sigh).

O, this week you…

…started 2nd grade. I’m just going to let that sink in for a bit.

…didn’t catch your first fish. That happened LAST weekend (but I was a slacker with my 52 Project…ahem), and it was a cute little bass. You threw it back into the brook so it could spend some time growing into a bigger bass.

…signed up for soccer. You’ve never been all that comfortable in your body or interested in sports (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here, folks), but finding some cleats at the consignment shop jazzed you up for giving it a try. I’m hoping it helps you come out of your shell a bit, and that you enjoy it tremendously.

…held down the fort like a boss while I was away at Twist (oh, there are pictures and a story to tell).

…held my hand when you got off the school bus. I treasured that short walk to the car. This was after brushing me away and looking mightily embarrassed when I kissed you goodbye that same morning. I’ll take what I can get!

Announcements and what-not coming soon…classes, an art fair, and a collaboration. Life is very FULL. It’s a good thing. It would be an awesome thing if insomnia weren’t wrecking me at the same time opportunities and creative ideas abound. Suggestions welcomed.


5 thoughts on “Thirty-What?: 52

  1. Where’d you score the cleats, S? Looking for some for D—around size 1 if you know of any! And don’t forget to try Holy Basil on the regular. One before bed, one as soon as you wake up in the night…take it, go to the bathroom, come back to bed and sleep! It will regulate you eventually!

  2. Grandma here giving a different perspective. The O I know is a very physical, active boy with crazy bike skills. I think he is very comfortable in his skin. What he is uncomfortable and unsure of himself with is team sports. And, as you say, that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    • Oh, I didn’t say he’s not physical and active. When I say he isn’t comfortable in his body, I mean that he is generally very awkward and shy, doesn’t want anyone to watch him do physical things…he’s not all that comfortable expressing himself or allowing people to see him as himself. He’ll answer “I don’t know” to any question asked, and would generally prefer to watch from the sidelines rather than participate. I hope to nurture a little dissolution of that protective layer. I always had mine on a little thick, too, and felt very lonely because of it.

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