what i really meant to say in my last post was that it’s incredibly frustrating to have a degree in photography and not be able to wrap my head around a freaking computer program. in a darkroom, i can do anything i want to my photos. but this,…this Photoshop. how come i can’t turn a rectangle into a square?
i’ve been really excited to have a website and to be learning this new language, but i’m having a difficult time embracing technology. why didn’t i just go digital at the end like all the other photography students? i guess because i had absolutely no idea that, eight years later, i would be taking pictures of yarn for my website. i still wasn’t even using the internet then. tee hee. i’m a quick study if i can get my hands dirty. computers are just so…clean. i lose patience with clicking and tapping, when i really just want to be elbow deep in chemicals, under a dim red lamp. i will figure this out…and linda, i will send you a non-distorted picture…not because i think it’s necessary for the gallery, but because i think it’s necessary for me to learn how to edit my photos for web-worthiness. it will make me feel good to make that happen.

okay, that’s all for my rant. maybe i should give my Mac a big, warm hug (see me embrace technology), and go to bed.


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