…this one will NOT eat you. it just wants to cuddle.

okay, so anyone familar with ice dams? our roof is plagued with them, and now we have water dripping into the walls of the house and flowing out of every window and crack into the house. down the walls, onto the floor. we have towels everywhere, posters are saturated and it sounds like our place is filled with faulty zen fountains. our house is leaking. last time i checked, a house is supposed to be a shelter, not a sieve. i suppose this rule does not apply to 200-year-old farmhouses in vermont.

in other news, hey lookie, an article about my little shoppe at Craft Gossip!

okay, off to start drying towels in shifts and continue mopping up the mess…but before i do that…i finally, finally updated my Etsy shop so it wouldn’t be so sad and lonely. i still have not photographed the gocco’d goodies, but they’re coming soon. really.

btw, the little guy’s new answer to everything is: “I DON’T THINK SO!”
um….i see.
and yes, on our way home from SF he did stand up on his seat in the airplane and shout, “I WANT BOOBIE!” at the tippity-top of his lungs. repeatedly. in case you were wondering. before that, it was “I WANT CHOCOLATE!” chocolate being something he has had only, like, a tiny handful of times in his life, on very special occasions. i was just waiting for the ultimate: “I WANT CHOCOLATE COVERED BOOBIE!”


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