…is a new pot.
and some kitty grass.

so i spun up a blank canvas…natural white cotswold gently plied for a nice, soft drape…to be dropped into a red onion skin dyebath along with several blown-out eggs. i am hoping for a deep rose pink. the eggs, theoretically, should turn dark red.

i think i’ll spin up one or two more, as i’m sure that the color will be lovely no matter what shade i get. one of the local farmers at market saved gigantic bags of onion skins for me last fall, all sorted out yellow and red. i was hoping to have a chance to spin enough white yarns to play with the yellow skins, too, but i don’t think it’s going to happen before wednesday when we dye the eggs. instead, i will save the skins for later and just use orange peel for the eggs.

anyway, before and after later this week.

c got the job! big sigh of relief.

in the next month and a half:
-build up stock for the upcoming Farmer’s Market season, including several versions of the new secret project
-spin 40 skeins (yeah, right! how about…as close to 40 as i can get) for Maryland Sheep and Wool
-spin 20 skeins for consignment at Not Just Yarn in Brattleboro
-design booth structure for Farmer’s Market (thoughtfully, as I will have a teeny six-foot spot) and start scrounging materials
-write up a wee plan for my three-hour spinning class at Margie’s Muse on the 29th (three hours is not a long enough class!)
-start our seeds, map garden

in the next few days:
-dye eggs with the boy-o
-finish the Peter Rabbit mobile with him
-finish knitting the Eastara bunny
-bake our bunny-shaped lavender shortbread cookies
-prepare for Ostara/Equinox dinner with friends
shop update on Thursday
-maintain sanity whilst c works one last week of insane schedule far away

i think i’m forgetting about four hundred million things. oh, well.


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