I am so in love…

with this man. And yes, C is well aware.

No update today. I know I said “Thursday,” but what I really meant was “Sunday.” Really. It was very foolish of me to think I could do all manner of preparations for a First Day of Spring (yay!) feast and take pictures and update, too. I am not Super-Woman. Nor am I Sheera. Bummer.

The red onion skin dye turned out…not how i expected, but still very nice. I was hoping for rosey pink, but ended up with an antique gold kind of color, and the eggs that went into the same dyebath became, not red, but a dark chocolate brown. Pictures, update…all that stuff on Sunday. Really.

So, the stats are:
Spring: 2
Winter: zip!

Snow was in the forecast two days in a row, and twice the snow did not happen. Go Spring! Keep it comin’ baby.

Re: the feast: Seriously yummy and worth an entire afternoon in the kitchen. And I heart small gatherings with good friends. And I want to eat lavender shortbread every day. And I wish I could like wine.


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