I killed it…

I think I really did it this time. Car is officially driven into the ground. My mechanic told me I’m better off making payments on a new or newer car than to keep bringing it to him, paying hundreds and hundreds just to prevent the inevitable. Car death. If I still lived in Berkeley, this would not be a problem. Unfortunately, I currently live a half hour from civilization…so, about that new ride. Buy or lease. Lease or buy. Try to find a cheap used car somewhere down south where there’s no rust? It’d be worth the bus trip, right? Crap.

Well, here’s some yarn pics to take the edge off:

Sari Skunk
There are a bazillion purty hairs of color in this, but sari silk is a total bitch to photograph. At least with my camera. You can almost see it in the close-up. Anyway, it’s my favorite from this week, except for this one:

Gentle Landscape
This one is softer than soft and lighter than air. I would marry it if it wasn’t…yarn.
Can you tell I’m on a core-spinning kick?

I really want to have more to say, but I’m exhausted from the stress of the day…being stranded SUCKS. I hate having to rely on a gas-guzzling machine just so I can have a bit of a life. Fortunately, thaw is still occuring, although we have snow in the forecast for this evening and the next few days. It is not likely to stick, but it is disappointing. Anyway, as soon as I have dirt to play in, I won’t feel the need to ride into town as much…the garden, the sandbox, the warm, soggy air. Spinning in the sunshine….


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