Gratitude Friday

This week I am grateful for…

…some pretty amazing customer feedback that left me feeling like a warm fuzzy.

…the Incredible, Adaptable Boy I have, who is teaching me Acceptance and Joy through all our stressful transitions of late.

…the spinning wheel that is keeping me sane.

…the dog that led us home yesterday.

…hot tea and hot fire on a cold, wet day.

…three Greyhound tickets home for Thanksgiving.***

and my thanks to Waldorf Mama for inspiring me to take even just one moment out of one day of the week to acknowledge the goodness, because it sure is easy to skip right on over it when everything else feels so overwhelmingly heavy.

***the Volvo of Awesome lost it’s tranny. Bleh. But, in keeping with Gratitude Friday, we will be able to borrow my father-in-law’s truck for a while, and I am incredibly grateful for that. 🙂


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